What is a Doula?

A trained and experienced labor companion who provides the mother and her family with continuous physical comfort, help in obtaining information, and emotional support before, during, and after childbirth. 


A Doula is Trained

DONA's doula training process is known as the world’s best. A DONA certified doula is required to attend a DONA approved doula workshop, read extensively from a reading list developed by the world’s top doulas, receive additional training in breastfeeding and childbirth, provide hands-on support for several clients, develop a resource list for your community, complete business webinar training, write an essay, and provide client and professional references. You deserve a well-trained doula.

A Doula Makes a Difference

Mothers who have doula assistance during their labor and delivery have improved birth outcomes and report having a more positive birth experience. They benefit from a reduced need for interventions and a lower likelihood of c-section. Having good support from a doula leads to better breastfeeding and bonding with your baby, increased self-confidence in parenting, and lowered risk of postpartum depression. A doula will make a difference in your birth experience. 


A Doula Helps You Communicate

A doula is not a voice for the expectant mother. Instead, a doula is a microphone for the expectant mother's voice. She helps the mother educate herself and gain confidence so she can decide what type of birth experience she would like. The doula then supports the mother as she seeks that birth experience from her nurses, doctors, and caregivers. The doula is always working to educate, empower, and communicate with you.