Birthwell partners

We train community doulas who provide caring, one-on-one support to low-resource pregnant women and teens in central Alabama. Doulas provide women with the information they need to make informed decisions, support them physically and emotionally during labor, and assist them with breastfeeding and early bonding.  It’s cost-effective care that makes a clinical difference.


DONa international

The mission of DONA International is to promote high quality birth and postpartum support by setting the standard for the doula profession through evidence-based training and certification for doulas of diverse backgrounds.


tuscaloosa Doula co-op

The Tuscaloosa Doula Co-Op consists of practicing birth and postpartum Doulas and birth educators in the Tuscaloosa, AL area.  A group of liked minded women, the Co-op provides its members with access to back up doulas, increased resources for clients, and opportunities to continue our own education. The Co-Op provides women and families of the greater Tuscaloosa area to evidence based care and support, access to a network of birth postpartum care professionals, and access to supplementary healthcare networks vital to families.