Emily Altman, CD(DONA)


My vision is to provide women in Tuscaloosa with the physical support, education, and emotional empowerment before, during, and after birth regardless of circumstance, income, or location. Every mother-to-be deserves the best possible birth experience. Every mother-to-be has a voice and deserves for that voice to be heard. My hope is to help the mother seek the best possible birth experience and help ensure that voice is heard. My vision is for all women to have access to this support. 

I grew up around childbirth. My father is an OB/GYN in Marietta, Georgia. Talking about birth, infants, and the power of the childbirth experience was common around our dinner table. When I was young I thought that would be the field I'd go into later in life--I watched a ton of medical shows on TV. But when I got to college I became fascinated by the psychological aspects of human behavior and human cultures, so I got my degree in Psychology and Religious Studies. I went on to do some graduate work in psychology at North Carolina State University but soon left the academic world to have a family.


Through giving birth, breast feeding, and raising three boys I have learned the importance of motherhood. Giving life in so many different ways is all-encompassing and transformative. In an instant you become something big and beautiful. Every mother should know that this role is important and they should have this important role honored.

I moved to Tuscaloosa three years ago with my husband and three sons. As I settled into the community here and fell in love with the women of this area I began to see a need. Expectant mothers in Tuscaloosa should be honored and supported no matter what. That is why I am a doula and that is why I work hard to serve the women of this community. I am a DONA certified doula and accepting new clients.